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A Gift of Unprecedented Time

To adapt to the new era, to the new norm and old teachings.

“It is not the most intellectual or the strongest of species that survives, but the species that survives is the one that is able to adapt to and adjust best to the changing environment in which it finds itself” – Charles Darwin

I went for a walk another day and this friend of mine came to my mind. She is a journalist and I love the way she writes – She is very talented. She has written a book, has produced a short film and has worked for one of the biggest broadcast television channels. She is also married with two kids… all these thoughts came to my mind and I concluded that she is very successful!

It also made me think about how we measure success. Typically, in our society success is measured by the number of things you can purchase or accumulate – the more you have, the more successful you are.

Nevertheless, one day you wake up and even the most successful person on the whole planet is likely to test positive for this tiny virus. So what?

Suddenly, we find ourselves confined in our homes (which unfortunately it’s not a privilege for all) and we panic! All the effort, all the hard work, all the money, all the bills, and the purchases… what are we going to do? The economy will collapse, but first, the health system will collapse – so there is no hope and all the time and energy that we spent all these years are now threatened and certainly lost.

Why with us and why now? Everything happens for a reason. And you must agree with me that human beings have crossed the line a long time ago. It’s time to change – don’t get me wrong, material things are necessary. I am not condemning the materialism, but I just think the balance is the key to success!

We must learn how to love and respect ALL creatures, with no exception! We always had the choice to do it, but unfortunately, we have chosen to focus solely on how to be materially successful. Many of us dedicate our entire life to work and to purchase or to purchase and to work. It’s like a vicious cycle in which we believe will bring us the most wanted contentment!

The happiness lies within you. Take this present time to dive in – please do it for yourself, do it for the neighbors and for the planet.

Do not simply stay at home but stay active physically and morally. Do not waste this precious opportunity! Stay present, stay focus and connect to your inner self – sooner, rather than later we will all have to adapt. If you don’t choose to do it now, life will choose on your behalf…

To adapt to the new era, to the new norm and old teachings. It has been called the “new norm”, but there is nothing new. We all know the law, we all know what we must do, yet we choose distraction over action. Raise your thoughts, be vigilant, serve as a soldier – be brave to fight against one of the most challenging battles – the one against yourself!

Don’t worry about the virus – be responsible, stay home if you can and follow the WHO recommendations, but don’t let yourself be distracted with the outside noise.

What have you been doing to adapt to and adjust best to the changing environment in which you find yourself?

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