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About SSI Courses

There are currently no online courses open for registration.

All courses are already in progress and classes are closed. The course, being conducted by the Spiritist Federation of São Paulo, with the support of SSI, began in September last year (2023).

The healing course, which is also underway, with in person classes in Dublin at the SSI headquarters, as well as online classes, started on February 25th.

Currently, there is no forecast for any other courses.

What we have open to the public is a Gospel study group, online via Zoom, every Monday, from 8pm to 9:30pm. To register and gain access to this group, you need to send an email to Neide and Tania:

Each time we start a new course, we notify well in advance both on our social media and in our in person meetings, which occur every two weeks on Sundays. 

Stay tuned! :) 

7th of March 2024

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