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Updated: Nov 1, 2022

"May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears". This quote by Nelson Mandela says a lot about how most of us make choices and lead our own life.

These days I was thinking about the choices I have made over the years and realised a lot of them, the most important ones I would say, were based on fear or lack of self-knowledge and faith in myself. I realised that many things could have been different if I had concentrated on positive factors about myself before making certain decisions.

Depending on the circumstances and the situation in which we are born and grow up, it is quite challenging to have the discernment to make more assertive decisions. However, as contradictory as it may seem, we all without exception, have the possibility of choice every day of our lives, even before we incarnate.

We are so used to look outside, that consequently the most precious thing we have inside us is not taken into consideration when we make choices.

The outside options seem to be much more sensible. After all, that's how life works, that's how humanity function. We don't reflect on our choices, and if we do, they are mainly based on material issues. I'm not saying that the moral issue is never taken into account, I believe it is, but unfortunately, in the end, the material ones always prevails.

So what's the problem? Aren't we here to learn, progress and evolve? Yes, and there is no doubt that we do need material things. The point is that when we don't base our decisions on positive things, we are often, even if unconsciously, choosing problems and, in some situations, accumulating karmic tendencies which sooner or later will have to be solved. Remember that the law is clear "You are responsible for everything that happens to you, without exception".

The problem is not the desire itself. After all, desire is part of us and it stimulates progress. What is the feeling that is motivating you to make certain choices? You may think, of course I know the feeling. It could be initiated because of love, for instance, or money, or power and so on.

Can you be sure that regardless of the feeling, a certain decision is being made based on your noblest intentions? Unfortunately, if you don't know yourself, you won't be able to know it for sure.

Usually, our decisions are based on fear, scarcity, greed, selfishness, immediacy, material life, in other words, they are motivated by the least positive part of our being. They are decisions that make you opt for things that momentarily seem lucrative, or more comfortable, obeying the law of minimum effort, even though we know that we are here to grow, we seek the easiest path.

I'm not referring to physical work versus remuneration, where our generation has been glimpsing the idea of working little and accumulating a lot, whatever it is we want to accumulate: money, power, wealth or material goods.

I refer to the continuous effort we must make to fight against ourselves, against our imperfections and weaknesses. To be familiar with our weaknesses it is necessary to make an effort, to have discipline and to be dedicated. The effort, my brethren, is eternal. That is why self-knowledge aligned with the study and knowledge of the Universal Laws that govern this orchestra of life is so important - we are all part of a whole.

We must do what needs to be done and face our biggest enemy with maturity and courage: OURSELVES.

It is through a coherent attitude towards life that you feed on the divine force that dwells within you. And it is by practicing faith in yourself that you can accumulate the strength to continue facing and overcoming yourself during your journey. By practicing faith in yourself you can improve your strength to face surpass yourself during the journey.

When you realise that as long as you continue to decide your path based on illusions, you will be "chasing your tail".

However, every choice you make based on noble feelings, aligned with the Universal Laws, will lead you to situations that will demand self-knowledge and the practice of faith in yourself and the realization that no matter how difficult and challenging certain circumstances might be, you are sure to have within you all necessary tools to overcome any adversity. It is inside you that divine mercy pulsates.

So begin now. Begin with the person who challenges you the most, who demands the most from you. Look at yourself in the mirror. You are brave! You just have to have goodwill and do what has to be done. It is not easy, but it depends on how much you really want to evolve and I can assure you: it is possible.

You have everything you need right now, at this moment and you always will, if you so desire and wish. So, get moving! Life is eternal, but the journey is long.

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