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Updated: Nov 1, 2022

We should know by now that life is divine school providing opportunities that encourage us to evolve. I cannot stress this enough. The obstacles and challenges are part of the journey, but we need to live in the present moment to act accordingly to our values.

Self-knowledge is indispensable as goodwill is. The secret to overcoming obstacles and challenges while living in the material world is to practice universal laws and goodwill.

If we only knew the power of goodwill, suffering would have already vanished from our hearts. We must remember that everything is energy. When practicing goodwill, life follows the flux of genuine vibes.

Practicing goodwill requires strength and discipline. The best way to do it is to let go of anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. "If I have to do something, I will always do with goodwill". Good spirits are always around to help us with anything we need, but to receive their help, we must be on the same tune. It works like a magnet - we get what we give!

Take a deep breath before doing anything. Perhaps say a little prayer to connect with the superior spirits, guardian angels, universe.

It is simple and easy, but we must be determined to practice it every day.

The only thing that could stop you from doing it with goodwill is yourself, your level of stubbornness.

It is up to us to take advantage of all opportunities life offers us, even during these challenging times. We receive what we need and not what we want - this is a blessing, trust me! We might not get it now, but practicing goodwill will give us a sense of freedom, understanding and peace.

Be alert, connected and compromised with yourself to do your best. Don't force yourself into anything, and more importantly, do not condemn yourself if you miss an opportunity to put the teachings into practice.

It is a learning processing that requires balance. Focus on yourself and remember when you improve a little bit as an individual, you contribute to change the world around you. It is time to exemplify the changes we want to see in the world - giving up is not an option!

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