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It is always about you

It's so important to be strong, physically and emotionally. After all, it will be you with yourself, always! That's the law.

Don't worry, you will have a legion of benefactor spirits to support you along the journey, but you will experience what is on your way to learning.

How much effort are you putting towards your health? Are you eating well, sleeping fine and exercising often? How much time of your day do you spare to get to know yourself? Reading, speaking or learning about self-knowledge won't make you an expert about yourself. To transform, we must experience.

We all receive the same power of realization and different opportunities in line with our needs, which might bring us to different paths, but everyone can succeed.

Our feelings are directly linked with our thoughts which determine our actions. Your feelings aren't a choice, but your thoughts and behaviour are a matter of choice.

Even when you don't feel like doing that hard work, you can still push yourself because, ultimately, that is your responsibility and choosing not to do it will bring you discomfort and remorse.

It is so good to be alive, even with all the challenges we are facing at the moment. Being strong physically and spiritually will give you the confidence to overcome anything that comes your way.

It will also help you accept things the way they are, starting with accepting yourself and learning about your weakness, shadow, and strength. In the same way, as an athlete prepares for competitions, we must prepare ourselves for the afterlife journey.

Because we live in the material world, we must stretch and move our physical bodies with the same persistence we improve our spirits.

This incarnation is the best one you ever had. Do not waste this opportunity over moaning, sadness, and daily obstacles, but focus on yourself - mind your life, study, learn and practice the His' teachings, find more about yourself, allow yourself to live, do your best, and become a better person you were yesterday.

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