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"What is the purpose of reincarnation?" Atonement and the progressive betterment of humankind. Without this, where would its justice lie? " Question 167 from The Spirits Book.

As Spiritists or Spiritualists, we should all understand the importance of reincarnation. As with everything in life, we should dedicate time to study, understand, and more importantly, put it into practice.

Incarnating, from Latin incarnate, means becoming flesh, becoming human. It is through reincarnation that we are able to mould our souls.

God’s mercy is infinite. We will receive as many opportunities as we need to improve ourselves but remember that you are responsible for everything that happens to you with no exception.

Every time an entity needs to reincarnate a project is elaborate to ensure it contains all lessons this entity needs to learn. Suppose you have read “The Astral City” from the spirit of Andre Luiz. In that case, you will remember that in Astral City they also have the Ministry of Reincarnation where they meticulously plan everyone’s reincarnation. It is a very complex strategy, so I highly recommend you read more about reincarnation. Some of the lessons we must learn are mandatory and some of them we have the merit, the opportunity to choose.

You are the protagonist of your life. You create the opportunities and experiences you need to overcome any weaknesses you have.

While in the spiritual world, most of us recognise and beg for an opportunity to incarnate. We promise everything to ourselves, we are confident that we can face life and overcome all obstacles. We are not concerned about how difficult or laborious life on Earth would be. We just want a chance. While involved in the incarnation plan, we are given the opportunity to learn how to be prepared to incarnate. There is a divine structure and support from the good spirits to help every single person succeed in their incarnation.

We recognise how precious this opportunity is, and we dedicate ourselves to learning and to preparing as much as we can because we realise that depending on what we need to fix within our Ego, it will only be possible through the corporeal body. Intentionally, we perhaps choose a very challenging one among many challenges, such as” suffering from an incurable illness.” Therefore, this experience will require discipline, faith, and goodwill so we can speed up the process of healing our spirit.

I put the word suffering between inverted commas because the illness only becomes difficult if you decide so. Remember you might have had the opportunity to choose this particular illness, or it was compulsorily given to you (as karma) in order to help you to evolve.

In my opinion, when you have a better understanding of the Universal laws, you are capable of comprehending that karma is nothing else than a blessing. You also stop feeling sorry for yourself and others, instead, you feel compassion and eventually, you will understand that feeling compassion brings you to another level of vibration, energy.

There is no need to feel sorry for you or anybody else. We are all given the same opportunity to succeed. However, we will only reap what we have sowed.

We become determined when in the spiritual world because when the spirits are free from the density of the body, they live the truth, there is no illusion, or distraction, no mask to hide behind it, so it is easier to recognise and to commit to anything that will make them evolve.

It sounds simple and easy to follow the plan, and it is. The problem is that most of us won’t succeed during our time on this planet because one of the most challenging tasks is to get to know ourselves, accept the way we are and be humble to keep going. No one is born to fail. However, not everybody has the goodwill, discipline, and faith to keep going. We create the solution, but also the issues along the way.

It is true that most of us accumulate more debts than credits during incarnation, but we must remember that is only up to us to change our lives. We have everything we need to succeed, but we must do our part. We only receive help from the spiritual world when we show interest, and goodwill when we roll up our sleeves and act.

I believe we all know, deep inside that there is no other choice rather than to evolve. We must evolve, and the planet shall evolve also. That is why at present we call Earth a Planet of Experiments and Expiations, and it is up to each one of us to help Earth to become a Planet of Regeneration.

It is also important to remind you all that we live under the spiritual world interference which can cause hindrance to our evolution as a whole. We must be alert; we must pray and watch.

As I mentioned earlier, we are responsible for everything that happens to us without exception. You can write it on a post-it and place it next to your bed, so you can meditate about this important law.

We were made to move forward, always! There is no going back. Being aware and accepting that we will receive what we need and not what we want, will make more sense as you put this into practice in your daily life.

Studying, and practising the Universal laws is the best option to succeed. Choose now to act for love, self-love and gratitude.

“Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven” – trust yourself. If you are reading this now you are blessed. You have the opportunity to do your best.

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