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Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. This is one of the most powerful and truthful sayings that I ever heard. In fact, I truly understood the meaning of this sentence only recently, when I realised that everything we do is because we want to do and everything we don’t do, is also because we don’t want to – I know it sounds simple but it is, and the simple things are hard to understand.

In my opinion, the complex part of this process is to understand the reasons behind our inertness. Perhaps we fear to be judged or rejected, we have a lack of self-confidence or faith in ourselves or do we want to pleased others? I don’t know exactly.

I am sure if I ask you to think about some things you have achieved in your life, you would have more than one example to share with us… because everything that you’ve done so far it is simply because you wanted and nothing else.

When you really want something, you get it. You will find a way and you will have it. Unfortunately, we don’t remember that we have the power inside us to accomplish anything.

We choose to insist on all sort of excuses to not pursue our dreams. Perhaps because of the collection of fears we have, fear of the unknown, fear of our own unnecessary beliefs – those ones that make us feel comfortable, that give us a sense of belonging and acceptance.

It is time to dive deep inside. We must progress. We are strong and the battle is not a choice, it is part of the path, it’s our nature. The battle with yourself, your truth, your soul…

The things we exceed are the things we are truly interested in. I am emphasising this to try to make you understand that there is no short cut, miracle or outside solution. The problems and the solutions we face are both inside us. It is a divine tool we received to polish our soul.

We create and recreate experiences and situations according to our willingness to progress. This is embedded in our essence. We have everything within – This is life and to live and progress we must make an effort every single day, like the famous slogan “JUST DO IT”.

“The effort you put forth in whatever you do is directly proportional to the results you produce”. Mark W. Boyer

I also believe the present moment is always the best time to do anything because we don’t know about tomorrow and beside the upsetting situation we are in at the moment I also want to believe that ,for most of us, this unprecedented times can be considered a pure gift.

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