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In-person meetings in Dublin, every fifteen days, on Sundays, at 11:15 am. 

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SSI - Spiritist Society of Ireland
Dublin - Ireland

Spiritist Society of Ireland – SSI is an independent, non-profit Spiritist Group, established in Dublin since 2009. Our aim is to study, practice and bring to Ireland the Spiritist Doctrine as codified by Allan Kardec, in three foundational aspects: Philosophical, Religious and Scientific.

 In-Person Activities Dublin

Sunday In Person Meetings from 11:15am every fortnightly.

In-person Healing time: 11:15am to 11:45am

Sunday Speech time: 12pm to 12:30pm/12:40pm

Coffee time: after the speech with brazilian cakes, cheese bread, coffee and tea.
We accept Revolut and cash. (*The money raised at our coffee is used to help with the maintenance of the house) 

Address: 2A Irishtown Road, Ringsend D04 XE72

On Line Activities

You can watch all online activities on our YouTube page, click here:

On Sundays (when we do not have in person meetings): Special Live Talk at 11:15 am on our Youtube Channel

On Mondays: Spirit`s Book Study at 8 pm via Zoom (To register and gain access to this group, you need to send an email to Neide and Tania: )

On Tuesdays and Thursdays: Live Talk at 7:15 pm

On Tuesday: Healing Session at 8:30 pm

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Good Practices While In The Spiritist Center

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Upon arrival, kindly make your way to the main hall, where the speeches take place.

Please switch off your mobile phones, maintain silence, and take the time to meditate, reflect on your week, connect with the higher spiritual realm or read a book.

Once in the main hall, one of our volunteers will call you when it's your turn to receive the healing.

Embrace this moment to balance yourself!

A Productive Silence

While we wait for healing or listen to speeches, we're already receiving assistance from the spiritual realm, which seeks to offer its wisdom. Therefore, it's essential to refrain from talking, using cell phones, and instead, dedicate this moment to introspection.

A valuable question to ponder is:

  • What brought me here?

  • What aspects of myself do I wish to enhance?

  • How can I achieve that?

By calming our hearts, clearing our minds, and remaining receptive, we can fully embrace this moment of reflection. Through these contemplations, the spiritual plane guides us toward the most suitable path, providing direction and insight.

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Gospel at home - What to do?

- Designate a day of the week, a time and a place to hold your study of The Gospel at Home;
- Begin the meeting with a simple and spontaneous prayer;
- Read a passage from The Gospel According to Spiritism and invite partici- pants to comment on the text;
- Next, pray to Jesus and ask for blessings for the home where The Gospel at Home study is taking place, for the participants, their relatives, friends, and all those in need;
- End the study with a prayer of gratitude to God.

You can place a jug of water on the table to be blessed and to receive positive vibrations from the Spiritual Benefactors. You can also play some relaxing music to help you concentrate.

** The Gospel at Home study should take approximately 20 - 30 minutes.

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