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Anger belongs to you and it is non-transferable

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Have you ever analysed anger? Where does it come from? Why do you feel angry? What is it for?

Anger is intriguing. I never heard of something extraordinary that someone had done under the state of anger, quite the contrary! The word itself, for me at least, creates a certain discomfort.

Unfortunately, most of us don't have the habit of evaluating and revisiting our thoughts, let alone our attitudes. It is generally under a state of anger that some people are capable of committing atrocities.

In my last reflection, I commented on fear. In my opinion, fear also goes hand in hand with anger. It can trigger positive and negative emotions, and anger is one of them. On the other hand, if we have goodwill, and look at anger consciously, we will recognise that it can be beneficial in the sense that it indicates something within us is not according to the Universal Laws.

That is why I think anger is intriguing because at the same time it comes with everything to bring you down, and often making you bring someone else down, it is an important sign and it deserves due attention.

First, we need to understand that anger resides within. The other person is unable to make you angry or provoke you to the point where you feel the anger. This is the first step towards approaching this feeling in a friendly way. Friendly, because when you deny it you don't eliminate it, quite the contrary, you feed it and often do it unconsciously.

This subject is very complex but necessary. The emotional field is a vast terrain. There are thousands of other possible reasons for feeling angry, but I want to invite you to understand and accept that this feeling is your responsibility. Therefore, you are the only one who can feed it or eliminate it. It might take way too long to eliminate the anger within you, but it is possible and necessary to take the first step.

Indeed, we are still crawling in the field of evolution, but when you recognize yourself in the role of a transforming agent of your own life, things start to make more sense and the paths are opening up so that you can start finding some answers. Remember that we are the children of the Creator. “You are God”.

Once you recognise and bring to yourself the responsibility of being angry, you bring it closer to you. Perhaps, you might start looking at it carefully, observe and begin to examine yourself. Suddenly, you might also begin to observe thoughts, your emotions, but always with responsibility for your actions. Self-knowledge is the greatest proof of self-love. You can only heal and improve as a human being, once you know who you are.

I hope you agree that it is not very pleasant to be angry, even if in the heat of the moment you unconsciously feel that you have the right to be angry and deserve to act in a certain way, this feeling might make you feel uncomfortable.

In the book, Os Missionários da Luz, anger is compared to an electrical discharge. It would be as if you put your fingers in the socket and get a shock or even, in some extreme situations, as if you are struck by lightning. And that discharge, it stays there inside you trying to snuggle up. Unfortunately, we don't have any type of lightning arresters within, to ease this discharge. That way, that energy is absorbed by your body. Then, as I am sure that you have already felt angry many times before, you know better than I do how you feel under these circumstances. If you've never thought about it, do it now!

So remember to watch yourself, to take on the anger that lives in you, so you can accept it, investigate and understand what makes you feel that way.

Be honest and consistent with yourself. Accept anger, it is part of you. Do not be ashamed of it, nor fear punishment or disapproval. It is a heroic act, to recognize yourself as an apprentice in the school of life, to accept your flaws, your defects, your points to be improved, to be able to make peace with yourself and develop a deep work of spiritual evolution.

We know anger is not a noble feeling, nor is it enriching, I would say it is unnecessary, but if it is part of us in this part of the journey, then let be brave to take care of it and recognize it as part of us, as well as your head or your heart so that we continue to evolve according to Universal Laws.

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