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"[God] will render to each according to his works."

“[God] will render to each according to his works: To those who by patience in well-doing seek for glory and honour and immortality, he will give eternal life.

We are eternal; your present life is one of your best incarnations because there is only one way: onward and upward.

We often question the purpose of life. We keep looking for meaning, waiting to love what we do or to do what we love, or desperately looking for a mission.

The most important mission in life is battling against our inner monsters. Remember, we are here to evolve, and by evolving, we contribute to the progress of the Earth and, consequently, to the Universe. We are all one.

Is this not a fair reason to calm our hearts and give us the courage and power to pursue? Apparently, not.

Unfortunately, we are more inclined to obey the rules of materialism (the more, the better) than to find our way to live a peaceful and meaningful life.

We live in a material world; therefore, we need material things. In the same way that we plan to have careers, study abroad, buy a house, and build a family, we must include in this plan what we would like to “take” with us when we return to the spiritual world.

Of course, I am not referring to material things but to all the learnings you allow yourself to experience, the feelings you have developed towards some situations in life, and the acceptance of being in a great school where you can grow to become a better being.

Accepting that we are all learners will help us navigate life much better, nourishing us with a more satisfactory feeling and bringing us inner peace. Admitting that we have so much to learn and so much to do to improve is the best way to exercise humility.

It is more simple than we can imagine. It can be challenging but straightforward. We must follow the laws of the Universe, consistently applying goodwill in everything we do and forgiving ourselves when we fail.

Understanding and accepting (I know I have used this word a few times, but accepting is the key) that we are all predestined to become spirits of lights which will rise, will then gives us the strength to pursue and, in exchange, we will receive according to our effort and work.

What would you receive for your effort and work if you were to return to the spiritual world today?

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