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Who Am I?

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Have you ever allowed yourself to understand your emotions to such an extent that you physically felt them coming from your gut? Have you ever thought about such a thing?

Why do you get angry? Why do you get upset? Where are these feelings coming from and why?

If you drive, I'm sure you've had at least one bad experience where the traffic was horrific and you were late, and you felt stressed, and not only that, but there was also this driver in front of you that seemed to be out of his/her mind, and you just felt like you could literally punch his/her face.

Have you ever asked yourself why you felt so angry and where did this feeling come from? Or you just move on, and the next time you experience the same thing, you just get angry again. That is life. People are slow and stupid, and some of them should not even be allowed to drive.

Do you often question yourself, or do you tend to point fingers and let anger, for instance, take control of it?

Is it true that no matter what others do, the responsibility for what I feel is actually mine? Isn't it insane and liberating at the same time? So, if you have the power to control what you are feeling, no matter what others do, it will always be up to you to decide how to react to any circumstance in life, meaning the way you face it and allow yourself to feel.

But why do we tend to outsource the responsibility for our feelings and actions by justifying that others provoked that reaction and not the other way around? Why don’t we own it and take care of it? Why is it so hard to recognise that it was something we created and are entirely responsible for? After all, that is coming from within. It is within your being.

In my opinion, it is because we lack self-knowledge and also, I could say that it is because we are all ignorant. We are so busy trying to belong or to be accepted by others, to fit in, to prove to others how good we are, that we forget (most of the time on purpose because it is less painful) to get to know ourselves.

We have the tendency to operate based on negative beliefs we have told ourselves our entire existence. So, what if I don’t like the person that I really am? If I find out that I am selfish, jealous, lazy, or a "bad" person.

Have you noticed what happens to you or to your thoughts and feelings when someone doesn’t do what you want them to do or when someone disagrees with you? Especially when people don’t behave the way you believe is the right way to behave... When they don’t say what you want them to say?

The only way we could possibly find inner peace and potentially evolve is by finding answers to these questions. The answers are inside. We were born ready to fight the most crucial battle, which is the one against ourselves.

Every day you wake up, you have a chance to change your reality. You have the opportunity to learn, to practice, to repeat, and in order to succeed, you must want it.

Be present. By being aware of who you are by listening to your thoughts, observing and owning your feelings and how you behave without judging yourself. As if you were researching to understand how something works to find room for improvement.

We came to this world ready to rock. We have everything we need to overcome our weaknesses and improve our strengths. It is really up to us to decide which approach we will take in order to overcome our bad beliefs and bad behaviours successfully. We can learn every day.

Don’t be afraid to find out who you are. It does not matter who you are. What matters is who you are willing to become and how much you want to change to become a better person. The journey can be tough and long, but there is no way back, only forward.

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1 Comment

Matheus Neto
Matheus Neto
Sep 19, 2022

it is important for us to find ourselves inside us, to find the divine seed that resides in us, men it grows and grows harder an stronger in our soul.

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