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What Have You Learnt So Far?

“We Shall Love Our Neighbour as Ourselves”

In most cases, we start the learning journey in the early stage of life up until college and maybe a little bit further. We are encouraged by our family to follow this learning path with the intention of becoming cleverer, cultured and also to guarantee a better and brighter future – which could give us the chances to get a good job, pursue a career, obtain a reasonable salary and to enjoy a comfortable life.

All the above is not only your right as a human being but is also necessary to help you to evolve while incarnated. Unfortunately, not everybody can achieve this in life. As I have mentioned in the previous post… we get what we need and not always it means what we want, but it is all part of a learning process.

I understand that when we are young, we have no clear objectives or no objectives at all. They are commonly set by our parents, family or tutors. However, there is a point in life when we are able to make our own choices and we are fully aware of them – even when we don’t make any – we are choosing!

Cutting a long story short I want to invite you to meditate about why we only dedicate ourselves to study to reach manly materials objectives in life? We usually establish a “timeline” and work our existence around it, but there is no such thing in eternity. We must think beyond…

Have you ever thought about “studying” yourself? I know… it does sound bizarre, but how can we make any improvement in life If we don’t know who we are?

I would say this is the most challenge task in life, but if you are here to evolve… you must start from within. It will take time – perhaps a few incarnations… but you will get there eventually.

When you know yourself, you can manage, your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions. Believe me or not – also your choice 😊 – this will contribute to a better world. Your attitudes and your opinions about yourself and about others will change dramatically, and you will become free and perhaps happier – this would also contribute to a significant impact on human evolution.

After all, “We Shall Love Our Neighbour as Ourselves” but we cannot give away something that we don’t possess.

You must learn about your own self. You must set objectives that will impact your existence, not only your current life – the sky is the limit.

And guess what? The best time to start is right here, right now!

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