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"Without charity, there is no salvation"
Allan Kardec

Flor amarela

About Us


Promoting and encouraging the practice of Spiritism Teachings in Ireland.

Founded in 2016, by the local Irish Spiritist Groups, the Irish Spiritist Federation was created to support the union of Irish Spiritist Organisations and to promote the Spiritist Movement in Ireland.

The Irish Spiritist Federation offers its greatest efforts to bring together the Spiritist community around Ireland by:

  • Promoting the Spiritist teachings according to Kardec Spiritist Codification.

  • Encouraging people to study and analyse the Spiritism Teachings in all its principles and aspects: scientific, philosophical, religious, ethical, moral, educational, and social.

  • Planning and implementing activities with the aim of participating and uniting the Spiritist Organisations in Ireland;

  • Practising of spiritual and material charity in the light of Spiritism.

  • Representing the Spiritist Movement in the Republic of Ireland.

We welcome all Spiritist Organisations in Ireland to join us to promote and spread the Spiritism around the country. Please contact us for more information on how to apply for affiliation with the ISF. 


"Without charity, there is no salvation" Allan Kardec

Kardec was a noble spirit who was born into this particular lifetime with the highly respectable calling of joining forces with advanced souls in the spirit realm, along with a select group of other incarnate men and women, in order to carry out this task of tremendous importance.

After his initial observations of the psychic phenomena that became so popular in the mid-1800s (rappings, table-turning, etc) and other related events, ones that served as an invitation for him to discover the intelligence and deeper meaning beneath the “entertaining” surface of those manifestations, Kardec faithfully followed the path through which he would fulfil his mission.

Say YES To Life Is A Suicide
Awareness & Prevention Campaign

Every 40 seconds someone takes their own life and every year, more than 800.000 people worldwide die due to suicide. Suicide is the second global leading cause of death among young people (15-29 years of age).

By visiting the campaign’s Facebook page and sharing the content that you find useful, you contribute to raising awareness.

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