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Be Gentle

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

You are not the centre of the universe. You are who you are - just accept it. You are not better than anyone in this universe! You are unique. Just accept it.

You are here to evolve and to be happy. So no matter what social position you belong to or who you work for, how much your wage is - it does not matter! You should be happy regardless.

For instance, if you earn $15 per hour and another individual earns $50 per hour, the one who earns more is not the happiest one or vice versa - both of you should be happy because happiness is within.

Historians explain the imperial collapse fall due to economic, social and cultural issues. However, the main problem here is the imposition. Every time we use power to force someone to do something we believe is right (like our way or no way) things collapse.

You can think about a situation where you tried to impose your idea or your way of thinking. I guess it was not very successful?

When you look at various situations in life with this approach, you will realise how selfish you can be and this is not good for you, for us. We must understand that we are responsible for everything that happens to us, without exception.

To reduce the level of selfishness within us, we need to be willing to change for the better, to be humble and to accept that we are here to learn. Therefore, we are susceptible to make mistakes and that is alright.

It is important to understand that your neighbour or loved ones are also experiencing challenges in life. That's why is necessary to study the universal laws and to put them into practice whenever is possible.

When life challenges you or when your neighbour or loved ones challenge you, please try to look at yourself to understand what this situation is trying to teach you. Do not force a situation or fight because the other person does not see the same you see or does not share the same point of view. We must respect everyone's opinion. This is the best way of approaching all challenges in life.

If things don't end up the way you wanted, don't get upset or angry. It does not mean you are not good enough or you don't deserve it or that the other one's idea was better than yours. It means you are not ready yet to receive it.

Besides, there is a lesson for you in that specific situation. Do not put yourself down. We don't incarnate to be right, we do incarnate to learn how to be our best version so we can contribute to a better world.

We need to focus on how to become a better version of ourselves, not to impress others or to be right, or to be more powerful or to accumulate more material things. This is a pure illusion.

Real-life is happening in the spiritual world, so we must use our time on earth wise enough to be able to return to the spiritual world with knowledge and peace. There is no way of hiding or pretending over there. Practising now to guarantee a better future is a good decision. Working hard and fighting against yourself is a powerful approach.

Your colleagues, your loved ones or any other person in the world are not here to annoy you. Trust me they are not. I can assure you they are also struggling - big time!

Please, be gentle to them and also to yourself. We are not the centre of the universe, we are part of it. Respect it all!

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