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The Best For Me

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

To want and to accept are the best choices at the moment. We must have in mind that everything is happening the way it should be. We should concentrate our efforts on self-knowledge and knowledge about reincarnation.

There is no death for the spirits - only for the material body. This incarnation is your best opportunity to evolve and to contribute to the progress of the planet. Have you ever thought about how significant is your responsibility? Not only towards your own life but also to the life of this planet. We are all one!

We will only respond to actions we have taken - everything that happens to you is your responsibility. However, your attitudes can influence others.

"Be the change you want to see in the world" by Gandhi is much more profound than we think. Changing means accepting yourself the way you are by recognising that you need to change the way you see life, the way you think and live your life. Change to obey the law of God, to follow His teachings and to practice them in the best way possible - respecting your level of evolution by being humble.

We must recognise that we are vibrating lightyears away from the divine intelligence's energy, not because we are not capable of or don't deserve it, but because we have chosen to walk away from His teachings.

We believe we know what is better for us. The problem is that most of the time, we want things that are not good for us. We tend to unconsciously desire things that were internally motivated by our shadow side. Without knowing, we spend a lot of energy dedicating time and effort to something that will only benefit our Ego.

That is why it is vital to study and comprehend reincarnation law and teachings. Things that are happening now are linked with situations we all experienced in the past, and experiences we are living in this present life. The learning journey is infinity.

In order to evolve, we will only get what we need and not what we want - which does not mean you have to stop dreaming or making plans. You must keep doing it, but bear in mind that you will get there once you are ready to receive it.

Perhaps, there is a lot to do before getting there, but don't worry about it. It is not on the result we should focus on, but on the journey.

If we want to find inner peace, purpose & happiness, we must make an effort to learn and live His teachings. Every day is an opportunity to shine.

Be gentle to yourself on the journey. We asked to be here at this present moment. We have agreed to take this journey, some of us actually insisted to be here now. Trust your gut - we have everything we need to practice, promote and experience life meaningfully.

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