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It is All About Energy

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

We all want to be happy, safe and have a meaningful life. We want to be able to build a house, to have a home, a family and pursue our dreams. Unfortunately, not all of us can achieve it all for many different reasons.

However, there is something very important we have to keep in mind - everything is energy.

Since energy is vital, we have to be able to look after it. First of all, we must remember that we are responsible for everything that happens to us with no exception. Therefore, the energy you spread is also your responsibility.

"Everything Is Energy and That’s All There Is to It. Match the Frequency of the Reality You Want" - Albert Einstein

The frequency and the vibration you emanate when you think about something you want is crucial. That is something we should know by heart. This is the basis of life.

Self-knowledge plays a crucial role in your existence because when you know yourself you know how to control your thoughts and consequently, you understand the impact of positive thoughts x negative thoughts have on your life.

Through your thoughts and consequently your attitudes you will shape the energy you feed, attracting to yourself the same energy you spread out.

When you keep your frequency high you won't be affected by the negative energy that surrounds you. That's why it's so important to be aware of energy, frequency and vibration. You have the power to change the frequency with your vibration. It depends on you.

If we all look after our thoughts, frequency and vibration we will contribute to the energy quality on this planet because we are all one.

Next time you desire something please make sure you are aware of your feelings and motivation. Ask yourself what is the reason you want that specific thing? What is driving you? What are the inner intentions? Is this something that will eventually bring you a positive outcome in terms of energy and accomplishment?

If we are here to evolve we need to take ownership of our lives and face our weakness and work towards our evolvement by living at the present moment and making sure we are aware of our most profound intentions.

It does not mean you won't have bad feelings or negative thoughts it means you will educate yourself on how to manage them and how to turn them into positive ones.

This practice will allow you to build a better journey on this planet and also to prepare yourself to go back to the spiritual world with a bit more knowledge that will help you to overcome future challenges.

We are spirits, we come from the spiritual world and there is where we will return to. Be prepared, be aware and keep studying.

We have a lot to learn about ourselves and life. The more we learn the more we evolve, the more we evolve the more we are ready to receive whatever we ask for.

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