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Joy Versus Happiness

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Who does not want to be happy? Who does not want to shed tears of joy? After all, all of us spend our entire life looking for happiness.

Did you know that joy and happiness are not the same things? No, they are not the same. If you comprehend the reincarnation law, it will be easier to understand the difference between them.

We are spirits and, to evolve, we must reincarnate to repair our present and past faults and live according to the Universal Law.

To evolve and eventually learn, we must go through certain situations and experiences during incarnation. These situations are generated and agreed upon by our spirit before reincarnating.

Therefore, we all receive what we need to evolve and not what we want. It is a natural and individual condition. It is part of all human beings, without exception.

These life experiences, situations and circumstances can cause emotional pain and suffering depending on what we need to learn in this incarnation.

As we live, the need for pleasure and well-being is constant, driving us to often behave inadequately as a justification for this relentless pursuit. There is where the danger lies. We must remember that the law of action and reaction does not fail.

In the search for pleasure and well-being, preferably for material things that will satisfy us, we eventually find "happiness" according to what we have defined as happiness and then we believe we are happy, but we are not :(

We cannot assume we're happy because of something or someone - this is joy. Joy is always associated with something or someone we can "possess", something we have defined as joyful, something linked to our intimate desires, related to our ego, to our selfish side.

Often we pretend these intimate desires are not familiar to us. That is so important to acquire self-knowledge. Knowledge set us free.

We will be happy once we understand that everything that happens to us happens for a reason and when we practice the universal laws.

Life brings us circumstances that work like warnings to indicate something needs our attention. There is something within that need to be improved adjusted.

Once we understand the dynamic of life, we will be grateful for all the warnings. We will not see the warnings as threats, fate or punishment. We will see these warnings as blessings. We then will put our best efforts to continue to improve according to the Universal Laws while experiencing inner peace.

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