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Why can’t we Love?

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Love can CURE.

We can only give what we have. It is simple. We just need to go back to the basics. LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF.

In order to LOVE yourself, you need to know yourself. You cannot say that you “LOVE” driving or cooking If you have never done it before. So how can we LOVE our neighbor If we are not able to LOVE ourselves? How can we distribute LOVE If we don’t have it?

LOVE involves freedom, inner power, and acceptance:

  • To accept yourself exactly the way you are;

  • Using your Inner power (we all have it) to improve your being;

  • Embracing freedom – let it go…

Start examining yourself, become friends with yourself, pay attention to your feelings, emotions, the way you react in different circumstances. Get to know your real self. Don’t be scared, it might hurt, it might be very difficult, but it is all part of the processes. Explore the good bit and also, the “not so good” bit in you. And don’t worry about the “bad” part. We are all here to evolve, but to give a step forward we must obtain self-knowledge.

Gandhi already said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”

LOVE can cure. Be sure to cure yourself first to start healing others later. LOVE is the answer, LOVE is the path, LOVE is freedom, LOVE is the answer for everything. We must start from within.

Let’s embrace LOVE and work towards its real meaning, to be able to experience and distribute LOVE abundantly. And perhaps we can experience the real LOVE sooner than later… With Love, always!

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